Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying is illegal in Ireland and causes significant loss of productivity. It also causes the victims to be traumatised and can lead to expensive litigation.

Successful employers do the following:

  1. Introduce a ‘Dignity at Work’ policy and make it clear that the policy will be enforced.
  2. Train managers how to deal with allegations of bullying (most managers are unable to deal correctly with such claims)
  3. Train employees on what bullying is and what it is not (e.g. firm management is not bullying) and advise them of how to proceed if they think they are being bullied
  4. Have allegations of bullying investigated and resolved in a proactive manner.
  5. If an employee (typically a manager) is found to be guilty of bullying, have that person removed from your employment immediately.

Raising Performance Limited wants to see a situation where workplace bullying is eradicated in Ireland. is owned by Raising Performance Limited.

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