Productivity Courses

  1. Time Management – how to achieve your daily objectives
  2. Report Writing – how to write reports with clear recommendations
  3. Absenteeism – how to legally deal with absenteeism issues
  4. Mediation – how to mediate workplace conflicts and disputes
  5. Decision Making – how to improve your decision making skills
  6. Difficult Conversations – how to hold necessary difficult conversations at work
  7. Interviewing – how to fairly hire the best people
  8. Delegating – letting go of work to develop your team
  9. Discipline – how to correctly deal with disciplinary issues
  10. Meetings – how to run productive meetings
  11. Presentations – how to make your case simply and successfully
  12. Coaching – learning to empower staff for higher performance
  13. Problem Solving – learn modern techniques for resolving business problems
  14. Assertiveness – how to confidently get what you need

Management Courses

  1. Leadership – the skills needed to lead people forward
  2. Managing People – how to manage people to be productive
  3. Team Leader Skills – how to build and get the best from a team
  4. Supervisor Skills – learning how to manage staff as a middle manager
  5. Delivering Change – how to implement change with minimum risk
  6. Reviewing Performance – how to review staff fairly in order to motivate them
  7. Communications Skills – how to be better at communicating at work
  8. Motivation & Engagement – learn modern methods of employee motivation

Specialist Courses

  1. Selling – how to sell to customers and achieve sales targets
  2. Negotiation – how to achieve win-win results
  3. Train the Trainer – learn how to be good at training others
  4. Bullying – how to address and resolve bullying behaviours
  5. Innovating – bringing our your and their creativity at work
  6. Customer Care – how to give customers a service that delights them
  7. Stress Reduction – how to reduce stress and enjoy work more
  8. Networking – how to build networks of influential people
  9. Resilience – how to positively recover from setbacks
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