Mediation is any way of resolving a dispute other than going to court. It is a quick, low-cost, private and less-stress method of resolving disputes.

80% of disputes / conflicts that go to mediation are resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

Prior to commencement of mediation, the mediator will have separate meetings with each of the parties.

The Raising Performance mediation process passes through five stages:

  1. Introduction
    The parties are introduced to the process and reminded that it is voluntary, confidential and non-binding
  2. Storytelling
    Each party tell their story without interruption and for an equal length of time
  3. Agenda Framing
    Each party contributes to the drawing up of a list of issues to form the agenda
  4. Solution Finding
    The parties focus on finding solutions to each agenda item and the mediator gently guides the process
  5. Agreement
    The parties agree, verbally or in writing, the wording of what each party is going to do and by when

Mediation tends to be more successful than the legal process because it focuses on the emotional effects of disputes as well as on the evidence.

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